"you look at me it's like you hit me with lightning"

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football - i'm not your babe fernando


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Since you added me as a friend, I thought that it was pretty imperative for me to introduce myself. Although I don't know what to say really. You're actually the first person I've ever really befriended on LJ. Is it okay if I just tell you to ask whatever you wish and I'll answer to the best of my abilities?

BTW, love--LOVE your Brooke Davis mood theme. I definitely tend to crush on her :)

Thanks :D

How about we start off with name, age, and location?

My name's Keri, I'm 18, a senior in high school and I reside in Virginia :) and I can be a tad awkward sometimes.

wah! I found you while looking through merlinxarthur! MORGAN-SMORGEN!!! Yay for finding you when I should have been doing IMP. Oh well, that's what study hall is for!

!! Fellow mod and anglophile! The public entries you have that I've read have been really entertaining, and we both seem to share the common interest of the awesomeness that is J2 (I swear everyone on my flist has been talking about Merlin too and I need to start watching it but I never have the tiiime DDD: )

Greetings! :D

As soon as you get the time you should check out Merlin!

roaaaaar! You need to send me the link to that community, I can't find it!

Heyyyy. I adore your layout! Also, it seems like we have a decent amount in common. Do you mind if I add you? I'm Brandie btw.

ummm I think we'd be good friends! add?

Hey sweet. I think we could be friends. I like Harry Potter, Supernatural and One Tree Hill :)

heyyy i found you through ontd (random i know right) my name is rachel and im 20. we have some common interests lets be friends, yeah?!

Oh! Sorry I'm just getting back to you now! I don't really use this account other then to comment on communities so I didn't see that you left this comment until just now.

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